Our Strategic Plan

MWRSS five year strategic plan runs from 2022 to the end of 2026.

Our Mission

To empower women and children who experience domestic violence and abuse on their journey towards safety, wellbeing and recovery. We do this providing woman and child centered specialist support services.

Our Values and Purpose

Our, values and purpose underpin how we deliver against our mission and vision, how they are central to everything we do. They influence our every action and interaction at MWRSS, when working with women and children and when advocating on their behalf.

All our people are expected to live and work through these values on a day-to-day basis, and they are reflected across our philosophy and approach, our planning, and daily practices.

They are part of the standards against which our people’s performance is appraised, and what we look for when recruiting. Our values and purpose drive our decision making and our communications.

Our Values

  • Women and Child Centered

    All our work is led by the needs of women and children, and we bring their voice to everything we do. We are committed and passionate about women and children’s human rights.

  • Inclusive

    We embrace diversity and strive to be a fully inclusive organisation in who we work with, who works for us and how we do our work.

  • Accountable

    We strive to always achieve the highest standards across the organization.

  • Trustworthy

    We act with empathy, compassion, and integrity

Our Purpose

MWRSS reason for being is twofold. We exist to fulfill a greater purpose to;

  • Provide a space where women and children can take time to explore the options available to them to ensure their future safety.
  • Support, advocate for and alongside women dealing with abuse of themselves and their children.

We are striving to achieve our mission statement through four strategic priorities which are:

  1. Sustainable Organisation
  2. Development of People and Services
  3. Technology, Infrastructure and Space
  4. Advocacy and Profile

Read our strategic plan here : (Link)