Work with Children and Young People

We provide a wide range of services and supports for children and will work to expand these services over the coming years. They include

  • Assessment of needs/supports to develop a support plan for children coming into refuge which includes working with a number of agencies
  • One to one age appropriate interventions with children in refuge and children in the community affected by domestic abuse including risk assessment and safety planning
  • Mammy and me programme for mothers and children under 4 years of age
  • Group programmes with children: the groups focus on developing emotional literacy, keeping safe and building on the children’s self esteem and resiliance.

TLC KIDZ 12-week Group work Programme for Children and their Mothers who have experienced Domestic Abuse

During the 12-week group work programme, the children’s and mother’s group run concurrent on the same week. Themes and concepts introduced each week to children are also incorporated into the mother’s group sessions. The emphasis throughout is to support women in the knowledge of how to best help their child in healing from the impact of abuse.

This group is open to:

To children between the ages of 5-16 (in appropriate age groups) depending on availability.

To children from Meath.

Where separation has occurred, and the perpetrator no longer resides at the family home.

Children can attend the programme even if their mother does not, but children respond best when mothers participate

Children’s groups help children begin the healing process by:

Allowing children to share their experiences with other children

Exploring ways of expressing their feelings safely

Helping children understand what happened in their family is not their fault

Looking at coping strategies for the future

Mother’s groups support women in understanding how to help their children recover by:

Giving mothers an opportunity to meet other women who have had similar experiences and share their feelings

Exploring the impact their experiences may have had on their children

Finding ways to heal from the past and look to the future thereby strengthening the bond between mother and child


If you would like to make a referral or if you would like to attend this group, please contact the TLC KIDZ Coordinator on:

Email:  Tel: 0469022393

Once you make contact with the coordinator, they will phone you for a confidential discussion.