Our Strategic Plan

Our current strategic plan runs from 2018 to the end of 2020 and we are striving to achieve our mission statement through three strategic goals.

MWRSS vision

To have a society where violence against women is no longer tolerated and where women are truly equal. To contribute towards creating communities in which women and children live violence and abuse free lives. 

MWRSS mission statement

Meath Women’s Refuge and Support Services works to ensure the safety of women and children who are experiencing all forms of domestic abuse in Co. Meath through the provision of high-quality supports and services that are women centred and evidence based.

Our strategic plan outlines our role which is

  • To provide a place of safety where women can take time to look at the options available to ensure their future safety.
  • To support and assist women in dealing with the impact of the abuse on themselves and their children through the wide range of services and supports provided.
  • To recognise and care for the physical, emotional and educational development needs of the children who attend the service.
  • To respect and, where necessary, foster parent/child relationships.
  • To offer support, relevant and accurate information to any person in relation to violence against women.
  • To raise awareness of violence against women and the impact it has on the wider society.

MWRSS values

  • Women and child centred – this means that all our responses are led by the needs of women and children experiencing domestic violence. Being safety focused is central.
  • Equality and human rights – MWRSS response is rights based. We recognise that everyone has equal rights and aim to ensure that all women have equal access, participation and out to our services regardless of their social status or identity.
  • Empowerment – this includes responding with empathy and compassion and demonstrating respect for women’s decisions and promoting the agency of women
  • Trust and integrity – Maintaining confidentiality and being honest and open about our work and how we respond is crucial to maintaining the trust of women, children and all stakeholders and the integrity of MWRSS.

We work to achieve this through the implementation of our three strategic goals which are:

  1. Delivery of High-Quality evidence-based Services and Development Supports for Women and Children at risk of or experiencing domestic violence
  2. Development of a New Purpose-Built Refuge Building and Ancillary services
  1. Ensuring the organisation is governed to the highest standards and that we are accountable to our funders, the public and the women and children we work with

You can read the full strategic plan on our Reports and Plans page.